It is Your Choice!


Do you think you are pregnant? If our probability test or your own home pregnancy test says you are likely pregnant, the best thing you can do next is to have your pregnancy verified.

We recommend using our search directory we call “FIND HELP” link to locate a pregnancy resource center near you. In cities and towns and communities across the United States, you will likely find help right in your hometown. If not, in a nearby city.

Ask for a free appointment and visit them to have your pregnancy tested and verified. Many of the center’s we list are limited ultrasound centers who can provide pregnancy verification via ultrasound.

If you then are pregnant, you have a choice to make. Remember it is YOUR CHOICE!

a. Do you abort?
b. Do you birth the baby and release the baby for adoption?
c. Do you birth the baby and raise the new child?

What is your choice?

Making this choice can be confusing and should not be made in haste.
Let someone help you make that choice because it is perhaps the most important decision you will make.