Planned Parenthood sues Texas

In the recent Texas legislation, the abortion crowd came to Texas praising “Hail Satan!” while trying to drown out the voice of a woman sharing her testimony of her own abortion.
Now, the current president of Cecile Richards has teamed up with the extremely liberal ACLU to sue the State of Texas over the law that restricts abortion.

When you hear what she says it is designed to paint the State of Texas as being against the health of women. But the truth is, the legislation forces abortion centers to comply with standard surgical care practices. Simply stated: “the doctor performing the surgery should have hospital privileges with a hospital within 30 miles of the center.” Yet, to Cecile, this will close 13 of 39 abortion facilities in Texas forcing women to lose health services.

First, abortion is a surgical procedure to remove the contents of the uterus or the live human baby. It is not a “safe” procedure as they say it is. Why? because 1 in 4 women suffer a perforated or scarred uterus. Many women contract bacterial diseases following abortion. Women die because of so-called safe abortion regularly. Yet, to hear Cecile, her unlicensed doctors who are nothing more than baby-killers, will have to close if they have to “meet” the regulations of the State of Texas.

If these regulations are so threatening to the abortion trade in Texas, perhaps more states need to pass the same laws. This would force these centers to be more than back alley abortion centers located in modern buildings on main street. Perhaps these regulations will actually make the procedure safer for the woman and in some cases even save her life.

Pray that Texas prevails and that Texas women get better, more professional services.